Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Necklace & Bracelet - H&M

Clockwise Upper Left:  Hair Accessories w/Stars -H&M, Necklace - H&M, Watch - Fossil (Won @ BloggerNightOut Event)

Rings (3 pack) & Cuff w/Chain accent - H&M

Sweater/Jumper - Zara

Beaded Skirt - Zara

Beaded Skirt - Zara (Sales) original price $129 paid $19.99

Floral Motorcycle Style Jacket - Zara (TRF)

Sweater/Jumper - H&M

Floral Bodycon Dress - H&M

Just a few items, I've collected during the past weeks in January and February.  Not sure whether I'll be keeping the first beaded skirt (although, it is lovely) as I found the significantly cheaper one today.  Couldn't believe it was still in the store hanging there...at such a price.  INSANE!!!  What a BARGAIN!!!

I can't wait for Spring to wear the Floral Motorcycle Jacket...I'd wear it now, but, with five weeks of Winter left I just can't do it!  It's too pretty to be worn currently.  Don't you think?  Besides, I'm still into my layering.  LOL

It's clear...I'll be wearing a lot of pastels and florals this Spring with bold jewelry.  

What will you be wearing?



  1. Now I'm itching to go to H&M and Zara.
    The accessories and the beaded skirt you posted are simply gorgeous!

    xo Annie

    1. Thanks, Anne!

      You should definitely go. They have a lot of new things on the selling floor. I'm sure you will find something. I pop in each store at least once a week as advised by a friendly sales associate in each store. ;D


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