Saturday, February 18, 2012

Barney's Warehouse Sale

Suno 'Splatter Print' Faux Fur Jacket

I ventured to Barney's Warehouse Sale to browse.  Sadly, the shoe department was a disappointment.  Nothing was a standout.  Next, I moved onto the clothing area and again sort of blah!  I began to think this was a waste of time until I spotted this gorgeous jacket shoved in a rack (as if someone was trying to hide it expecting to come back later to purchase it).  BINGO!  I instantly grabbed it, tried it on receiving several compliments and began looking for the price.  It was missing, therefore, I made a B-line towards the price check desk.

The sales associate began the tedious task of searching for a price.  After a few minutes, she gave was then given to a manager.  She too became frustrated, it wasn't in the system.  I was shocked when she turned and offered me a deal.  How does $159 sound?  Shocked at my reply, $129 sounds even better (wait was I bargaining at a Barney's NY Warehouse sale?)  BLASPHEMY!  To my surprise she said okay!  WHAT?!?!  Is she serious, for Suno!  The clothes from this designer is quite pricey.  Who am I to complain, grab it and go. 

Once I returned home, I googled it.  The original price was $895 the lowest sale price I found was $358 (sold out).  

The print is unusual and looks one of a kind.  Hope to wear it soon.  
I love finding that unexpected bargain.  Don't you?


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