Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's All About the Details: Collars, Neckwear, Etc.

Spring 2012 has a wide range of fashion that will fit all personalities. From stripes to polka dots, primary,neon colors to pastels. Long to short, asymetrical to'll definitely find something. 

Zara (one of my favorite stores) has done it again. I'm always amazed by their clothes from season to season. These items stood out for me and are on my short list.  Most items sell out quickly...SO GET SHOPPING!!! 

 I'm so happy the US now has online shopping. Delivery is quick usually 1-2 days depending on where you live and returns are easy. 



  1. hallo dear!the collar and the nacklace are amazing! i am following you! follow me back??

    1. Hi Rena,

      I like your style quite eclectic. *thumbs up* ^.^ You've gained a follower.

  2. I really like that collars, especially 5th.

  3. Aren't they cute?!? Lately, I've become obsessed with collars and accessories. I pick up a few more today. LOL :D

  4. Aaah detachable collars and statement necklaces...they're the best thing that ever happened to fashion. I'm on the verge of collecting them too! :)


  5. They're the perfect accessory for any outfit. I'm going to try and DIY a collar O.o...hope it turns out well. Yikes!!!


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