Sunday, February 19, 2012

Obsession: Chloe 'Susanna' Boots

Chloe 'Susanna' Boots

Sienna Miller and Kate Bosworth

Office UK 'Nighthawk'

Let's start from the beginning.  It was 3 years ago when Chloe launched the 'Susan' boots. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE went nuts for them and quickly sold out. But, wait, they'rrreee baaaaack with a relaunch (renamed 'Susanna').  Okay, I'll admit, I had nightmares about these boots and when they sold out the first time around I was deeply depressed. :/   When they returned, it didn't stop me from going to Saks Fifth Avenue(repeatedly)to try them on.  The sales associates were sick of seeing me there.  I was obsessed again.  Yes, they are LUSH/GORGEOUS boots!  But, given my budget...I really couldn't/can't afford them (STICKER SHOCK $1295).  

This made me more determined to find an alternative. Office Shoes UK had a great dupe 2-3 years ago, so I revisited their site.  Sure enough, they had another which looks better than the previous. Long story short, they sold out before I could get my grubby hands on them. I missed them for a second time. :( NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Or so I thought.  

To the rescue, my dear friend Aga (lives in London) spotted them in Office and sent me a picture.  What would we do without technology? I couldn't believe it. We corresponded back and forth with me asking her details of the actual boots.  I was a bit apprehensive as to their overall quality...she set my mind at ease with her answer.  ((Thumbs up on quality and construction))  What a sweetheart for finding and offering to ship them to me.  I can not thank her enough...truly a GEM!  Hope to return the favor.   

Aga, if you're reading this thanks again, hun! I know how much you loathe shopping.  LOL ^_^ *HUGS*

Those who live in the UK and are looking for an alternative to the Chloe boots...grab these while you can as they are selling out (Westfield location only had one pair left in my size UK5).  It's a popular item. HAPPY HUNTING! 

Will post a pics once they arrive. 



  1. I share this obsession with you. Love them in the red.


    Dark Blue Stripes

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    I got the boots in black from this site at the price of $253.00 under the advise of one of my friends. Perfect quality!


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