Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Arrival from London \o/

Yes, they finally arrived my much talked about boots from (Office UK) thanks to my friend (Aga) in London. ;D  I've already raved about them on Twitter.  They are indeed as beautiful in person as they looked online.  Also, very comfortable and true to size (I'm a UK 5 which is equivalent to a US 7.5-8). The overall quality and construction gets high marks.  I will be taking them to the shoe repair for them to protect and place a metal bracket around the heel as seen on the Chloé 'Susanna' Boots featured in previous post here.

Let me know what you think! 


  1. It's awesome that you found a dupe for the Chloe Susan's! The pair I found comes in different colors like the Susan's but they have a heel so it's not an exact dupe! Looks great!


    1. I happen to find it just browsing online one day....unfortunately, it sold out quickly online. Lucky for me, I have a dear friend in London. We were tweeting each other back and forth when she found them...LOL

      BTW, love your blog....your style matches mine quite a lot. ;D

  2. http://www.jennifermarket.com/chloe-susanna-studded-leather-ankle-boots

    I got the boots in black from this site at the price of $253.00 under the advise of one of my friends. Perfect quality! Advise everyone!


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