Monday, July 9, 2012

First Fendi 'Anna' Bag

Taylor Swift (above), Taylor Tomasi Hill (below)
Actual handbag photos are by me/Others

I first noticed this bag during the Fendi Fall 2011 runway show.  While browsing Barney's online I came across it at a ridiculous price (last one left), I knew I had to have it.  

It's called the 'Anna' available in a varied colors and sizes.  Celebs, fashion industry types and fellow bloggers alike have been seen carrying it.  The small featured is quite spacious (fits all the necessities) when you don't want to carry loads.  Also, the colorblocking using spotted calf hair is different than anything I've seen before.  When buying handbags, I prefer those that are versatile/functional.  I love this as it can be carried or slung over the shoulder.  The styling of this bag is classic and gorgeous and will be used for years to come.  

Isn't she lovely?

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  1. Hopefully not the last! ;) Love it! x

    1. Thanks, hun! At the rate I'm won't be. LOL <3

  2. You're right it is lovely!! I just love the Anna design..I'm just sad I wasn't able to get this anymore as it's all out of stock everywhere :( Happy for you though!! very nice purchase!

    1. Thank you, Aela! Awww..:( sorry you weren't able to buy one before it went out of stock. It really is a beautiful bag. Although, your YSL bag looks quite fetching as well. O.O Next purchase for me perhaps. LOL


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